Industrial Robots

Integrator of Universal Robots

RobotWorx can integrate Universal Robots into a variety of applications. These collaborative robot arms (cobots) can be used for a wide range of applications, increasing revenue and value of your production line. The UR cobots will bring countless benefits including cost reduction, improved performance, production optimization, and increased product quality. Additionally, companies can expect to recover their initial investment in an average of 195 days!

The three different sizes of Universal Robots – UR3, UR5 and UR10 are named for their payload weight in kilograms and vary in size, reach, weight and footprint. Each UR model type enables flexible and easy integration into your existing production environment. Ease-of-use sets UR cobots apart from the industry with a fast set-up time and simple programming. Inexperienced workers can have these systems up and running in half a day! The lightweight UR models are also easy to redeploy across the production line.

Adaptability and safety is the name of the game with these cobots. RobotWorx can integrate Universal Robots into new, existing, large or small production lines. They can be used separately or as dual-arms and excel at their predictable and repetitive tasks that require the strength and speeds these cobots bring. Each robot can work safely and directly next to a human worker while working flawlessly as they mimic the motion of a human arm. They use a patented technology to stop at a defined pressure enabling both robot and human workers to work effectively and safely at their maximum potential.

Universal Robots collaborative robots are designed to bring safety and maximum potential to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Contact RobotWorx experts today to get started on increasing the safety and effectiveness of your production line.

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