Robots help meet product demands

Industrial robots help to bring excellent repeatability, reliability, and consistency to the manufacturing process. The robots help meet product demands, reduce the cost of labor, and create a tailored solution for a wide range of applications including material handling, palletizing, and assembly.

Robots help meet product demands


Automation of the production process is essential as products and manufacturing processes become continually more complex. The manufacturing environment demands higher production rates than ever before. Manufactured goods require repeatability, reliability, and consistency, all of which have contributed to the growing demand for automation in manufacturing.

The cost of labor and declining cost of automation devices combine to ensure that the application of automation and robotics for production applications provide significant benefits. Robotic systems allow for precision, speed, repeatability, and flexibility to meet changing product demand and production requirements.

Robotic systems are tailored to meet the needs of each specific application. Cartesian, SCARA, or multi-axis robots can be chosen to automate a process, like material handling, palletizing, sorting, deburring, assembly, or welding.

Consumers are fickle, and demand products in new forms constantly, which plays to the strength of robotics’ flexibility to change while keeping production on track. Robotics plays a key role in quality control and testing of consumer products prior to packaging.

Motoman robots are used to test consumer goods, including electronics. Robots repetitively push buttons to determine the life expectancy of electronic devices. They also test the durability of a fabric over time by sweeping a human-like form over the fabric.

Fanuc robots are also used to test fabric. A system was installed that simulated a person getting in and out of a seat thousands of times to test the wear on the fabric. Tests like these ensure the product will work as the consumer expects.

Engineered Machined Products (EMP) is a leading producer of machined components and energy saving systems. Its continued growth relies on an investment in robotic automation, which allowed the company to reduce costs, enhance quality and turnaround times, increase capacity, and remain flexible during a changing economy. The use of Fanuc robots, especially those with robotic vision, allows EMP to not only automate processes but also accept new products for applications with minimal changeover. Over 40 Fanuc robots have been redeployed multiple times to take on new processes, and the robots’ uptime continually improves.

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