Palletizing Robots

Indus­tri­al pal­letiz­ing refers to load­ing and unload­ing parts, box­es or oth­er items to or from pal­lets. Auto­mat­ed pal­letiz­ing refers to an indus­tri­al robot pal­letiz­er per­form­ing the appli­ca­tion automatically.

Pal­letiz­ing robots can be seen in many indus­tries includ­ing food pro­cess­ing, man­u­fac­tur­ing, and ship­ping. There is a large vari­ety of robot­ic pal­letiz­ers avail­able with a large range of pay­load and reach.

Var­i­ous end-of-arm-tool­ing styles allow flex­i­bil­i­ty of dif­fer­ent types of robot pal­leti­za­tion. Bag grip­pers encom­pass an item and sup­port it on the bot­tom, while suc­tion and mag­net­ic grip­pers typ­i­cal­ly han­dle more ridged items and grip them from the top. By automat­ing your shop with a pal­letiz­ing robot, you can increase the con­sis­ten­cy of your load­ing and unload­ing processes. 

Robots​.com has helped hun­dreds of com­pa­nies design the per­fect pal­letiz­ing sys­tem for their facil­i­ty and appli­ca­tion by incor­po­rat­ing a new or used pal­letiz­er. With every robot pal­letiz­er comes a full war­ran­ty and com­pli­men­ta­ry tech sup­port for your robot­ic application

We offer new and recon­di­tioned pal­letiz­ing robots made by Fanuc, Motoman, ABB and KUKA. We have over 35 years of expe­ri­ence and can help you choose the best pal­letiz­ing solu­tion for your pro­duc­tion line.