Pick it up and put it down – gripping with suction

Jul 15, 2013

Using a vacuum gripper end of arm tooling helps when stacking items on pallets or moving parts to different machines. The vacuum gripper cups are soft and gentle enough to prevent any damage. The robot arm is able to accommodate the pressure based on the needs of the system.


With all the dif­fer­ent robot­ic grip­pers on the mar­ket — like claw, bag and vac­u­um grip­pers — it may be dif­fi­cult to decide which one is right for your spe­cif­ic application.

So, how does one decide on what grip­per to use? Many times, the item your robot is han­dling will be the decid­ing fac­tor: how much does it weigh? What is the size of the item? The shape?

By ask­ing these ques­tions, man­u­fac­tur­ers can deci­pher whether they need a claw grip­per, a bag grip­per or a pneu­mat­ic grip­per, all of which work with claw or jaw type actu­a­tors. For some items though, like panes of glass and oth­er flat objects, there is only one grip­per to choose – the vac­u­um gripper.

A vac­u­um grip­per is attached to the wrist of an indus­tri­al robot. It is made of a series of plas­tic or polyurethane suc­tion cups fash­ioned into sev­er­al rows. The robot arm low­ers the grip­per onto the item and applies pres­sure. Then, a vac­u­um is acti­vat­ed to secure the suc­tion cups to the piece. Once the piece is moved, the vac­u­um is deac­ti­vat­ed and the suc­tion cups release the item.

Vac­u­um robot­ic grip­pers are use­ful when stack­ing items on pal­lets or mov­ing items in and out of dif­fer­ent machines. The soft­ness of the cups does not dam­age the integri­ty of the piece, the way a claw-like grip­per might. Their accu­ra­cy and speed when oper­at­ing on a line are ben­e­fi­cial to man­u­fac­tur­ers as well. The increase in pro­duc­tion saves costs on pro­duc­tion and labor.

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