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Is RobotWorx a robot integrator?

A robot integrator is a company that takes a basic manufactured robot and customizes its memory, end effector, and tooling for the purposes of specialized applications such as arc welding and material handling. Robotic integrators install existing robot systems as well as new projects. RobotWorx is an official integrator for FANUC Robotics, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB Robotics, and KUKA.

robotworx authorized integrator

RobotWorx is an industrial robot integrator that provides a wide range of productive solutions for manufacturing. We specialize in arc welding applications, material handling, machine tending, assembly, material removal, palletizing, and many other applications. We integrate pre-engineered cells and custom-create cells to match the needs of our customers.

As a robot integrator, we specialize in creating automation solutions for large and small companies looking to improve product and increase profits. Integration seamlessly ties your current manufacturing process to your new automation equipment. Integration is a full-service process that provides turnkey solutions to your automation challenges.

Please browse this site for more information on integration of industrial robots such as FANUC, Motoman, KUKA, ABB and others, or call our sales line at 740-251-4312.