Press Tending Robots

Press tend­ing used to be a tax­ing, dan­ger­ous post. Load­ing and unload­ing parts from a press, oper­at­ing the machine, and main­tain­ing con­sis­ten­cy with every part proved to be tedious work.

Press tend­ing robots have changed this; they have tak­en over the job of plac­ing blanks into press machines the same way every time. They are faster, more pro­duc­tive, and less like­ly to make mistakes. 

Robot press tend­ing goes beyond sim­ply mov­ing parts in and out of machines. Parts can eas­i­ly be moved around to three or four dies with­in the same press. Robots can also rotate, flip and tilt a part between press oper­a­tions. This increas­es work­er safe­ty and reduces the time between each press action.

Robots​.com offers new and recon­di­tioned press tend­ing robots. All of the refur­bished robots go through a very intense recon­di­tion­ing process, bring­ing them back to like-new con­di­tion. A great cost sav­ing option! 

We pro­vide com­plete­ly recon­di­tioned Inte­gra­tion-Ready press tend­ing robots made by Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, and ABB.