Press Tending with the Fanuc M-900iA/150P

The Fanuc M-900iA/150P is an incredible robot from the Fanuc press tending line that saves companies time and worker injury. The M-900iA/150P provides high-speed press tending and incredible repeatability. The manufacturing line can expect a piece of metal to be pressed in the same place every time, helping to decrease production time and waste.

Press Tending with the Fanuc M-900iA/150P


Press tending is something that is increasingly becoming more and more automated because of the time that is saved with robotics and the amount of injuries that can be avoided. Companies like Fanuc Robotics have been producing press tending robotics for years, and their newest addition, the M-900iA/150P is likely to continue the tradition of excellence that customers have come to know from Fanuc over the last four decades.

So, why choose a robot like the Fanuc M900iA/150P for your press tending needs? Well, first of all, the M900iA/150P is going to improve the speed of any press tending application. This high-speed press tending robot also has excellent repeatability, so you can expect a piece of metal to be pressed in the same place, every time. These two factors alone are enough to save manufacturers money on production through a decrease of production time and waste.

With a payload capacity of 150kg, the Fanuc M 900iA 150P is capable of picking up larger objects during the press tending process as well. It is designed to work in some of the harshest environments, and it keeps human workers out of harm’s way. A human worker can injure their hands and arms in a press, if they are not meticulous. The Fanuc M-900iA 150P does not have that problem. This improves the safety for workers, and cuts down on the possibilities of production slowdowns or interruptions, which is good for the manufacturer and the consumer.

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