What Is The Comprehensive Reconditioning And Inspection Report?

The RobotWorx Comprehensive Reconditioning and Inspection Report is a complete reconditioning process provided by service experts at our facility. It includes a multitude of benefits to ensure that any reconditioned robot purchased from our facility is up and running perfectly to help conquer your manufacturing needs.

robot inspection

The RobotWorx Comprehensive Reconditioning and Inspection Report includes the utmost attention and service to the following items:

The Robot Arm:

  • Remove all previous integration wires and components
  • Check all robot connections
  • Inspect arm for any stress cracks or abnormalities
  • Check/Repair/Replace Servos, Harmonics, and Reducers
  • Ensure Robot Functionality and Performance
  • Replace all grease in robot
  • Inspect robot for any grease or oil leaks
  • Clean robot arm and strip old paint
  • Repaint robot arm to factory color

The Controller:

  • Clean robot controller and strip old paint
  • Check controller for any damage
  • Inspect all components for functionality and performance
  • Verify incoming voltage
  • Repaint controller to factory colors

Teach Pendant:

  • Check, Repair, Rebuild Teach Pendant
  • Ensure all buttons, lights, and switches are functioning properly

This is an updated report provided to the customer. We cannot wait to serve you and your manufacturing needs! RobotWorx is a certified integrator for FANUC, KUKA, Motoman, and ABB. Contact our RobotWorx experts online or at 740-251-4312.

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