Buying a Robotic Welding System

Automating your welding process is pretty easy due to recent innovations in technology. Robotic welding systems are simple to program and provide you with increased speeds and accuracy. Understanding your application process better will help choose the perfect robotic welding system.

Buying a Robotic Welding System

Robotic welders

In the last three decades, many companies have switched from manual welding applications to robotic welding systems to increase the speed and quality of their production. However, despite the reality of the robotic welding system boom, many first-time buyers are skeptical about robotic automation, given the cost and learning new technology. These fears can be eased with a few simple explanations.

Robotic welding systems are easier than ever to program. Many have touch screens or Windows-based programming on teach pendants, which is very user-friendly. Most workers can learn to program a robot in 1-2 days. New innovation is leading towards collaborative robotic welding options, which allows manual moving of the robot from point A-to-B and pushing a button on a handheld pendant to program the robot path.

Also, since it is not necessary to dedicate a robot to one single task on a line, like many machines in the past, the investment in a robot system will decrease production costs and the cost of extra equipment.

As far as the cost of a welding robotic system, much like other technology over the years, the cost of systems have dropped over the years, while companies still continue to innovate. So, in reality, a manufacturer is getting a better system at a cheaper price than 20 years ago, with updated software, speed and accuracy. has over 25 years integrating welding robots. Our experience gives us the knowledge to help others select the right robot, power sources, controllers, and welding torches that are best suited for your specific part type. We know how to maximize throughput based on the product shape and type of weld needed. We also know when someone wants a simple welding arm or a more customized welding system. While robotic welding can improve a welding application, it cannot make up for a poor production plan or improper part handling.

We are here to listen to your exact needs and help you build out the right welding robot system for an optimized production line. We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have and walk you through the entire process from selection to integration. Check out our Value Package which comes with training, inspection reports, warranties, customer service and support.

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