Vention Dual Conveyor Packing Station with Fanuc CRX Cobot (AS-PP-140036 v29)

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This Fanuc CRX robot cell is designed for pack­ing prod­ucts. Typ­i­cal pack­ing appli­ca­tion involve the robot pick­ing prod­ucts on one con­vey­or and plac­ing them on the oth­er con­vey­or. Two (2) wide belt con­vey­ors are used to han­dle prod­ucts, while the robot is fixed on its pedestal. A MachineMo­tion 2 allows the robot to con­trol the con­vey­ors and more periph­er­als may be added. All parts shown are included.


Design number
AS-PP-140036 v29
392.8 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)
3256 x 2428 x 1819 mm

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