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3D Laser Vision Robots

When a company wants to boost the the accuracy of their robotic automation system even more, what can they do? Add in a 3D laser vision system! 3D laser vision offers customers some of the most pinpoint precision, without cutting down on the speed of the application. This level of accuracy is necessary for companies to improve the standardization of their products, ensuring that customers get the same product every single time.

3D laser vision can help robots in a variety of different applications, including material handling, material removal, dispensing, and welding applications. But these vision systems are not just for the metal working world anymore. They can be found in the plastics industry, as well as the food processing industry. Much more powerful than the human eye, a 3D laser vision system can swiftly locate points on a product, or "see" if a product is not properly placed and tell the robot to alter the path. This laser vision system has depth perception, which improves the system's accuracy even more.

We currently do not integrate the 3D laser vision system itself, but based on your specifications we can help you choose the best robot capable of being fitted with this feature. Contact our sales team today for more information on how to start the automation process with the right robot for you by filling out a contact form or call us at 740-251-4312.

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