Appliance Automation Robots

Everyone has appliances all over their house, and many of those appliances were constructed with the use of robotic automation. Appliance automation combines many different processes during the production process to manufacture faster, cleaner and smarter appliances than ever before.

Automating the production of appliances has been a practice for years. Robots have been spot welding, arc welding, assembling and finishing washers, dryers, refrigerators and many more products of the appliance industry; churning them out more quickly and with less errors than ever before, due to the high level of accuracy. Some companies estimate that their automated appliance processes have increased their production speed by 50-75 percent.

Companies like Fanuc Robotics have also partnered with appliance companies like General Electric (GE) to produce smarter, more capable automated appliances -- appliances that can perform from remote control or independently -- to further improve the quality of life for their owners.

By using robot automation to produce appliances, companies large and small are able to stay competitive in their markets -- putting out products at a high-rate of speed without sacrificing quality. RobotWorx offers both new and refurbished robotic automation systems for appliance automation. Refurbished robots can help save initial investment costs and have undergone an excellent refurbishment process by RobotWorx experts.

RobotWorx has been in the business of integrating new and used robotic systems for industries for more than 20 years. We partner with companies like Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, and ABB to provide our customers with the best robotic automation system available. For more information, contact RobotWorx today at 877-762-6881.