Laser Cutting Robots

Laser cutting is a very useful manufacturing process to cut different types of materials including paper, wood, plastic, and metal. The material melts in the beam path. This process is perfect for robotic automation because of the required stability and cutting complex designs. Laser cutting is used primarily by manufacturers to cut metal and plastic parts.

Types of laser cutting: CNC, CO2, evaporative, excimer, gas, nitrogen cutting or inert gas cutting, moving optics, multi-axis, oxygen assist, pulsed, semiconductor and solid state.

RobotWorx offers both new and reconditioned laser cutting robots to provide your company a wide array of laser cutting possibilities, while also improving product quality and accuracy.

RobotWorx can also integrate a pre-engineered or customized work cell to streamline the process even further. With more than 25 years of successful installations around North America, RobotWorx has built a reputation for having amazing craftsmanship and great customer service. Every laser cutting robot system is matched to your specifications and comes with the RobotWorx Value Package.