Meat Processing Automation Robots

With the demand for food at a higher rate than ever before, meat processing companies are turning to automation to help speed up their applications. Cutting, deboning and shredding meats like beef, pork and poultry were completely done by hand until recent years, when automation began to take over the meat processing business.

Meat processing robotic automation must be able to withstand moisture, rust and any other outside elements that could corrode the metal. They must have food-grade level parts and coatings, and they must be USDA-certifiable.

Manufacturers gain many advantages by automating their meat processing applications, including decreased cycle times and increased throughput. This means that meat gets out to the customer faster, which reduces spoilage and gives it the best shelf life possible. Also, workers are kept away from the sharp cutting tools that may have caused injuries in the past, improving the safety of the production line.

With the use of meat processing robotic automation, as opposed to human hands, there is a dramatic decrease in the risk for product contamination, which means the meat is safer for human consumption.

RobotWorx has helped manufacturers improve the productivity of their factory lines for more than 25 years. We have partnered with robotics companies like Fanuc, Motoman, KUKA, and ABB to ensure that our customers get the best robotic system to fit their application and budget. We also carry BladeStop products in our facility, too.

We also offer both used and new meat processing systems; all of our refurbished systems have undergone a very rigorous refurbishment process.