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Cutting Robots

Robotic cutting is the automated process of removing material from a work piece or dividing the work piece into several smaller, distinct parts.

Cutting robots are extremely precise and accurate, while increasing speed. Decreased cutting errors reduces product waste. Depending on the product material, type of cut you wish to apply, will help determine the type of blade or cutter needed. Choose from a variety of customized or pre-engineered cutters to attach at the end of the robot arm.

Cutting robot systems also help keep employees safe from dust or fumes that can occur during a cutting application.

We offer new and refurbished options, as well as cutting workcells that include the robot, customized end-of-arm-tooling and safety options. All used cutting robots go through a rigorous reconditioning and inspection process. We also provide the RobotWorx Value Package with every robot purchased from us.

RobotWorx is an authorized integrator of ABB, KUKA, Motoman, and FANUC cutting robots. We have experience integrating robotic cutting systems throughout North America.

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