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Sanding Robots

Robotic sanding consists of smoothing down a surface with a custom end of arm tooling; producing a clean, smooth, and perfectly finished product. Whether it is working with small objects or large surfaces, robotic sanding can complete a beautiful product with a variety of different materials, shapes, prior to painting, or a fixing stage in the development of production.

Additionally, sanding robots can be paired with advanced software that enables them to sense and see their environment and work pieces. This ability to see and feel with the new vision and force sensing software raises the technical capabilities of robots and improves the overall economics of their use. These superior capabilities also enable an easier adaptation to varying surfaces, part variations, dimensions, locations, and consistency of materials.

Robotic automation is constantly adapting and evolving at quick speeds to meet the desires of the customers. This makes integrating a robotic sanding system the perfect solution for your surface finishing needs.

RobotWorx offers a variety of new and refurbished sanding robots by Motoman, FANUC, KUKA, and ABB. All of our used sanding robots have gone through a complete reconditioning process, bringing them back to like new condition. Every sanding robot also comes with the benefits of the RobotWorx Value Package.

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