ABB Sanding Robots

ABB continues to solve numerous challenges in the automation industry and consistently provides the customer with leading edge, top quality products. This is especially seen in the sanding industry. With the ability to work 24-hours and not need any breaks, there is no question that robotic technology brings high levels of output, lower costs, enhanced and more consistent process and product quality, and greater flexibility and efficiency. Robots also help to take over the hazardous tasks or environments those workers would be exposed to, improving the overall health and safety of the workplace.

When considering how to improve your sanding application, ABB is here to help with Integrated Force Control. This integrated force control technology includes a vision and sensor system to allow the robot operate better than a human worker. This system uses a custom EOAT and enables the robot to sense and see their environment and work pieces, further helping to increase the reliability, adaptability, and improve the overall consistency and surface contour of the materials being processed. ABB has greatly improved the overall economics of using robots for any finishing job, especially with sanding.

If you are looking to improve your sanding, polishing, or finishing of wooden parts, look no further than ABB’s robots and Integrated Force Control software. Contact experts today, online or by phone.