Fanuc Sanding Robots

Manufacturing continues to grow in its sophistication and advancements, as seen with sanding applications. This is evident in Fanuc's force control software that helps to create tactile intelligence for their sanding robots; a solution that provides flawless, precise, and superior products when compared to manual workers.

So if you are in need of the perfect finishing automation system, look no further than Fanuc's sanding robots. The new technology allows the robot to detect force and torque applied to the EOAT in all 6-degrees of freedom. These improvements do not just increase the speed and product quality, but also lower the overall costs, enabling a fast ROI .

Fanuc's sanding robots can present a product with craftsman-like precision in order to perform assembly, contouring, measuring, or sanding across a variety of industries. Get started today by contact representatives online or by phone!