Do You Buy Surplus Robots?

Surplus robots

RobotWorx purchases surplus robots to refurbish and integrate back into the manufacturing workforce. We make it worth your while by offering direct customer service, shipment coverage, and top dollar for robotic equipment that match our criteria.

Robot surplus may result from technological upgrades, plant closings, consolidations, or product changes. Excess robotic equipment can leech company finances, take up space, and use labor resources. Turn this unpleasant situation around by contacting RobotWorx.

The RobotWorx acquisitions department follows specific evaluation criteria when assessing robotic surplus items. Apart from the general production history and age of the robot, their main focus points are the condition of the robot manipulator and control cabinet. RobotWorx buys many brands of industrial robots.

Please contact RobotWorx at 877-762-6881 if you have robot surplus you wish to sell, or click here to electronically submit your robot's information.