Is RobotWorx Buying Robots?

RobotWorx is always looking for quality used robots to purchase for refurbishment purposes. Have an industrial robot you no longer need? RobotWorx will buy your used robotic equipment!

RobotWorx Buys New and Used Robots

What We Do

RobotWorx is a provider of new and reconditioned robots. We perform a complete RobotWorx Certified Inspection to refurbish our robots and sell them with full warranties.

Evaluations are made when we visit your facility to inspect the robots, sometimes all we need are photographs. After determining which robot(s) we want to buy, a RobotWorx specialists presents the bid and handles all shipment arrangements. If the offer is accepted, we provide quick and easy payment for your system.

What We Buy

We buy robots manufactured by Fanuc, Motoman, and ABB. Our acquisitions specialists want to buy robots with manipulators and control cabinets in good condition. We are also interested in other industrial equipment and robot parts.

Where We Buy From

We buy robots from large corporations and small production shops. They may be local, national, or international.

Our acquisitions department offers high bids for quality robots that perform well on our robot assessment. Contact our Acquisitions Team today by filling out this form, or calling 877-762-6881 for an easy assessment on your used robots. We also offer trading options!