What Advice Can You Offer When I Am Ready To Buy A Robot?

Buying an industrial robot can seem a bit scary, especially if you are a smaller company or first time buyer. We have a few pieces of advice for buying robots to help ease your fears and ensure the best robot purchase and integration process.

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1. Stay within Your Budget

It's critical to know what you are willing and able to spend up front. Having a set range can help you decide whether you can purchase a brand new industrial robot or a reconditioned used robot. Working with the right robot company, who properly refurbishes pre-owned robots, can help save you up to 50% on cost without sacrificing quality. This makes reconditioned robots a great alternative.

Part of assessing your budget is knowing how quick you can make a return on your investment. We have an easy to use ROI calculator to help you estimate cost savings of using industrial robots to automate a process step.

2. Robot Selection - What to Buy

There are many choices in the industrial robot market. After you determine your budget, the next step in the buying process is to determine which robot model fits your needs. RobotWorx offers a variety of robot solutions from multiple name brand manufacturers. We'll help you narrow down your options based on your application needs, reach and payload requirements, and manufacturer preference.

3. Consider Robot Integration

Robot integration is the process of installing the robot arm, peripherals, and other equipment into a seamless automation system. It may have initial costs, but using a robotic integrator to plan and install your robot system can have major benefits. Risk is reduced, process is optimized, product quality increased, and your system will meet proper industry safety standards when you work with RobotWorx.

An additional bonus that we offer is our RobotWorx Value Package. This includes a warranty, training, functionality demonstration, inspection and reconditioning reports, customer service and support. We don't just walk away after a sale, we want to assist you throughout the life of your robot.

Contact our sales team today for more information about choosing the right robot for your automation needs.