What Advice Can You Offer When I Am Ready To Buy A Robot?

You've calculated the expected ROI of automating and determined that buying a robot is the right decision. What steps should you take now? How can you ensure that you get the most for your money?  At RobotWorx, we understand your bottom line. We offer advice backed by years of experience.

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Stay within Your Budget

The main difference between buying a new robot and a used robot is cost. While we do sell new robots, we find that most customers choose to buy a reconditioned used robot and pay less. 

Robot Selection - What to Buy

There are many choices in the industrial robot market. After you determine your budget, the next step in the buying process is to determine which robot model fits your needs. RobotWorx offers a variety of robot solutions from multiple name brand manufacturers. We'll help you narrow down your options based on your application needs, reach and payload requirements, and manufacturer preference.

Consider Robot Integration

Robot integration is the process of installing the robot arm, peripherals, and other equipment into a seamless automation system. It's important to consider whether integration would be a good idea for your situation. If so, RobotWorx is an integration expert. We've provided customized robot systems for a wide variety of customers.  

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