What Are Four Axis Robots?

Standard four axis robots are configured in a slightly different way than the more common six axis robot models. Instead of three axes in the wrist area, four axis robots have one. Their simplified design allows them to provide maximum stability and strength for applications such as material handling and palletizing.

four axis robots vs. six axis robots

Some four axis robot models have reinforcement bars along the upper and lower arms. These bars make the robot sturdier.

  • Axis J1: The base axis allows the four axis robot to pivot from left to right.
  • Axis J2: This axis is attached to the base configuration. It maneuvers the robot forward and backwards.
  • Axis J3: This critical axis joins the upper and lower arms.
  • Axis J4: The wrist axis rotates the EOAT. (It is referred to as axis six on a standard 6-axis robot).

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