What Robot Services Are Offered By Robots.com?

Robots.com offers a variety of robot services. Each of our new and reconditioned robot systems comes with a complete Robots.com Value Package. Our experienced service department is one of the main reasons companies choose to install Robots.com systems.

Robot Training

We invite every customer to our facility for training before their robotic system is shipped. This provides an opportunity to program their robot or robot systems hands on. One day with a Robots.com technician is included with every system purchase.

Robot Repairs

Robot repair needs can slow production. Robots.com offers a full array of robotic parts at affordable prices. We offer advice and the right parts to get your production line up and running quickly and affordably. Contact us here to arrange a robot repair.

Reconditioning Service

We are now offering a new Reconditioning Service for customer-owned robots needing to be refurbished and returned to the production line. This helps extend the life of your industrial robot and saves you overall time and money. Check out more details about the service options available here.

Robot Reconditioning Program

Preventative Maintenance Program

Prevent unnecessary downtime by keeping your robot current with regular maintenance checks and service. Our technicians can come to your facility to perform a complete inspection of your robot and perform standard and necessary maintenance. Find out more information on this service.

Customer Support

Customer Support does not end with the warranty period. Robots.com provides telephone support on all robot systems we sell. Companies can receive professional advice when a problem occurs and request repair service when necessary.

Robot sales are a focus of Robots.com. We offer a variety of robots from Motoman, Fanuc, KUKA, Universal Robots and ABB. Our sales department is experienced in finding the right solution for each company. We offer a variety of robot packages to fit any industrial application. Each new and reconditioned robot sale includes a warranty that covers all parts and labor. Extended warranty options are also available.

Robot purchasing is also a service Robots.com provides for companies with unwanted robot systems. If you are selling a robot, please contact our acquisitions team here.

To find out more about Robots.com' robot services, contact our sales department at 877-762-6881.