What Steps Should I Take To Implement Automation

So, you have decided to automate a part of your production line with an industrial robot. The following steps will lead you through the process of specifying, purchasing and implementing an automated robotic system in your factory.

Identify your needs:

Defining your expectations allows both parties to be on the same page when developing an automated robotic integration design. RobotWorx will help you find the right robot for your application. Our sales staff coordinates with our engineering department to ensure that your application needs are being met in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Current photographs, videos and drawings:

Current photographs and videos of your operation allow our staff to understand your robotic and automation expectations. Not only do these visual aids allow RobotWorx to understand your process, but they also allow us to foresee any limitations we might encounter. Detailed drawings, schematics, pictures or even samples of your part allow our end-of-arm-tooling experts to figure out a plan to get your part in motion.

Implement the most efficient technology:

Our sales staff, engineers and technicians have experience developing effective automation plans. They are well-versed in automated robot models, controllers and software. RobotWorx will walk you through the entire process to ensure the best return on your investment.

Verify the most effective production step to automate:

Some application processes are not able to be fully automated. Our engineers detect whether hard automation or soft automation automation is the best route to take. RobotWorx can help determine what percentage range of automation would be the most cost effective for your company. We have several solutions that achieve similar goals, allowing you the flexibility to choose by price, as well as performance.

Visit our facilities to obtain an accurate picture of the process:

Investing in automated robotic equipment can be overwhelming. We encourage you to visit our facilities and become more accustomed to our approach to projects. Visiting can help you envision your application requirements more accurately.

Ask for budgetary numbers to estimate the cost of a project:

Our sales staff is prepared to supply budgetary estimates at your request to get your project off the ground. We often perform a feasibility study to determine the effectiveness of your process before you make an automation investment.

Determine the technical skill required to support the robot:

The technical expertise of your staff should be taken into consideration when purchasing an automated robotic system. At RobotWorx, we encourage your company to participate in training at our facility before shipment. A few of your technicians will work with our knowledgeable staff to understand how to operate and program your robot. They are encouraged to operate the teach pendant and run the robot. Your technicians should understand every aspect of the system you are purchasing. This will increase your productivity and reduce the amount of time spent learning your automated robotic system.

Involve your production department in the process:

Your production department is ultimately responsible for the success of your automated robotic system. Allowing them to participate in the progress early on can help you tackle the important questions earlier. This will also help you determine the ultimate cost associated with automation.

Remain in communication throughout the integration process:

RobotWorx is committed to following-up with our customers. We encourage customers to call with any questions that may arise during the process.

Receive training and complete a buy-off before shipment:

Participating in training is one way to ensure that your company is receiving a product that exceeds expectations. Another way is to complete a buy-off. This allows you to visually inspect the equipment you’re receiving before it ships to ensure it matches your expectations.

Our experienced technicians will consult with you through every step of the automation process. Please contact us with any questions. Our sales and service techs are also available at 877-762-6881.