Why Does RobotWorx Sell Used Industrial Robots?

There are many reasons to consider buying used equipment for your production, manufacturing, and factory needs.

  • Accessibility
  • Quality Assurance
  • Bargain Prices

Used robots are available due to many circumstances having nothing to do with the condition of the used industrial robot itself.

  • The used robot is no longer required for an application.
  • A business is upgrading its current used industrial robot(s).
  • There has been a change in a robotic application.
  • A production line has changed significantly.
  • Tax write-offs give tremendous advantage to sell a used industrial robot.

RobotWorx Sells Used Robots

The Reconditioning Myth

Depending on the company, reconditioning can have completely different definitions, ranging from minor changes to complete rebuilds. At RobotWorx, reconditioning includes a complete inspection, adjustment and replacement of all worn and wearing parts. We can sell you a single part from our large robotic inventory, a complete robotic system engineered to meet your specific application requirements, or customized workcells. Companies save by purchasing a reconditioned industrial robot in excellent condition and allowing our robotic technicians to integrate it for a specific application.

Our Reconditioned Robots Are In Excellent Condition

RobotWorx buys robot systems maintained at high performance levels and operated in clean factory and manufacturing environments where there is mechanical part upkeep to avoid wear and tear. Each used robot is then evaluated using our Comprehensive Reconditioning and Inspection Process which scrutinizes the robot manipulator and the robotic control cabinet. It also covers cleaning, lubricating and inspecting the harmonic drive, belt assembly, battery replacement, wire harness inspection, and a complete bearing check.

We Guarantee It

Unless otherwise mentioned, our intention is to sell equipment in excellent condition. We provide a full warranty on all supplied items, robots, positioners, and even labor.

Who We Sell To

Our large customer base includes major manufacturing plants and factories as well as small one-man shops. We can arrange for shipping to and from anywhere in North America.

Want To Sell Your Robot?

RobotWorx also buys used robotic systems. We are much easier to work with than professional auctioneers and appraisers who do not want to maximize the benefits for the seller. Instead, we can handle everything from dismantling and picking up the robot if desired.

If your company is in the market to buy or sell used industrial robots, use our contact form or call RobotWorx at 877-762-6881 to find a solution.