A group of patriots dedicated to the advancement of American manufacturing through robotic welding, grinding, plasma cutting, and custom machine building.

Weld­Bot focus­es on the most chal­leng­ing appli­ca­tion in Robot­ics, Arc-Weld­ing. With this focus we are bet­ter able to meet the chal­lenges asso­ci­at­ed with weld­ing more so than any oth­er Fanuc Inte­gra­tor. Robot­ics and Weld­ing each require their own exper­tise, when you com­bine them a new and unique sub­set of skills are required to be successful.

With being brand exclu­sive to FANUC and not try­ing to know every avail­able robot plat­form we tru­ly under­stand the FANUC con­troller and can push the lim­its as needed.

Fanuc is the most sold robot in the world, weld­ing holds our world togeth­er, Weld­Bot knows both bet­ter than any­body else.

Arc Welding





New York

West Virginia



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