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As a member of the KUKA Robotics Partner network, RobotWorx works directly with KUKA to provide the very best for each customer. RobotWorx status as KUKA Robotics System Partner gives customers access to the full array of KUKA robotic workcells and support.  View all KUKA workcells or look at the products listed below to learn more about our inventory. We offer a fantastic selection of KUKA robot workcells at affordable prices.   


All Kuka Workcells

Kuka Arkcell RW-0-32x42-500

The Arkcell RW-0-32x42-500 workcell features two stationary work tables.

Kuka Arkcell RW-0-36x96-500

The Arkcell RW-0-36x96-500 workcell is similar to the angled loader Arkcell.

Kuka Arkcell RW-1-60

The Arkcell RW-1-60 workcell features a high tabletop design.

Kuka Arkcell RW-1-84

The advanced KUKA Arkcell RW-1-84 is the ultimate welding system.

Kuka Arkcell RW-1-96-HD

The Arkcell RW-1-96-HD workcell allows large parts to be welded.

Kuka Arkcell RW-2-60x144-6000

The DS-2 series RW-2-60x144-6000 workcell features two stations that can be loaded form the side.

Kuka Arkcell RW-2-96-450

The RW-2-96-450 Arkcell features a servo-controlled turntable on one side and a head and tail stock ...

Kuka Arkcell RW-3-96-450

Offering a turntable and dual head/tail stocks, the Arkcell RW-3-96-450 workcell allows manufactures...

Kuka Arkcell RW-4-48x120-2000

This dual station, quad servo drop center workcell increases manufacturing efficiency and productivi...

Kuka KL1500-3 Linear Track

The KL1500-3 Linear Track allows manufacturers to open up production possibilities.

Kuka KPF3-H2H500 Posiflex Positioner

The KUKA KPF3-H2H500 Posiflex Positioner allows manufacturers to move and manipulate their parts to ...

Kuka KUKA Educational Bundle with Cart

The KUKA KR6 R700 sixx is an advanced small robot that is ideal for educational purposes.

Kuka KUKA KORE Educational Bundle

The KUKA KORE bundle with cart is the advanced educational bundle.

Kuka KUKA-Burton Educational Cart

This educational stand consists of a KUKA KR 6 R700 sixx Agilus robot and a cart built by Burton Ind...

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