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Motoman Painting Robots

Motoman painting robots are flexible six-axis manipulators specifically designed to optimize performance in industrial and automotive painting and coating applications. Reduce paint waste and improve quality by integrating a Motoman robot onto your paint line.


Reach: 2700mm Payload: 25kg

Reach: 1256mm Payload: 5kg

Reach: 2054mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 2700mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 2779mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 2825mm Payload: 15kg

Reach: 2900mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 1457mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 1835mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 2035mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 2729mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 2829mm Payload: 10kg

Reach: 2900mm Payload: 20kg

Reach: 798mm Payload: 3kg