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Motoman ArcWorld C-50
ArcWorld C-50 Information

Motoman's ArcWorld C-50 workcell features a single welding station with fixed tooling to automate industrial arc welding applications. A complete workcell safety package includes door interlocks, barrier guarding with arc glare curtains, operator station with cycle start and e-stop, light curtains, and roll-up doors.  The Motoman ArcWorld C50 can work with your choice of the Motoman MA1440 DX200, featuring a 6kg payload, or the Motoman VA1400 II DX200, featuring a 3kg payload.  Its compact design is well suited for high production with a reduced footprint.  The ArcWorld C 50 comes with an Arc Welding Package that includes HyperStart, Weld-in-Teach mode function, Graphic arc files, digital weld interface, integrated torch package, arm-mounted 4-roll wire feeder, welding power source, and two year torch cable warranty.  If you are looking for a compact and highly efficient arc welding system, the Motoman ArcWorld C50 may be just what you need.

ArcWorld C-50 Movies
Workcell Features
  • Compact design
  • Stationary fixed table
  • Motoman MA1440 or VA1400 II
  • Common base
  • Safety package
  • Quick Installation
  • High Productivity
Workcell Specifications
Max Part Size 1, 650 mm x 685 mm
Robot MA1440, VA1400 II
Controller DX200
Operator Station E-stop, push-button cycle index, door up/down with cycle start
Welding Tools ArcWorld Welding Package