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SICK light curtains protect workers by stopping the robot system if a worker is in harm's way.


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Motoman ArcWorld II50
ArcWorld II50 Information

The ArcWorld II-50 series are a line of industrial-grade robotic welding cells at an economical price. A variety of workcell configurations allow for maximum customization for your application.

The Motoman ArcWorld II-50 workcell handles arc welding applications at a single welding station on a large tabletop. Manual Bi-fold doors protect the operator during welding operations. The maximum part length is 1550mm and the maximum part width is 700mm. It can handle a payload up to 300kg.

A similar workcell, the Motoman ArcWorld II-52, also features a manual door guard and two Motoman robot arms. The two weld stations have a maximum part size of 750mm by 700mm each. The maximum payload is also 300kg.

The ArcWorld II-50 series can accommodate a range of compact arc welding robotic arms such as the UP6, SK16, SSA2000, and the MA1400. In addition to a small footprint, this workcell offers enhanced safety features, integrated welding package, and operator station. The workcell is designed to be lagged to the floor and can be shipped pre-assembled to reduce setup time.

The AWII-50 model includes a single welding station with either fixed tooling (AWII-50) or a servo-driven MH-180 headstock (AWII-50S). This positioner can support a 180kg payload. Tailstocks are not needed and coordinated motion is standard. The robot can make circumferential welds in a single pass. Robot operation is interlocked with the safety doors for maximum operator safety during part loading and unloading.

The dual-station AWII-52 is available with fixed tooling, while the AWII-52S features two MH-180 headstocks. This allows the operator to service one station while the robot is welding at the other station. Tooling risers are provided for the AWII-50 and AWII-52. The AWII-50 can accommodate one large tabletop and the AWII-52 can contain two smaller tabletops as an option.

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Workcell Features
  • Single welding station
  • improves weld quality
  • reduces set-up time
Workcell Specifications
Robot Any Motoman welding robot
Controller Varies by robot
Operator Station E-stop, single push button cycle index
Safety Door interlock, e-stop, light curtains