Robotic Workcells

Motoman Workcells

As an official Motoman Solution Provider, RobotWorx has the ability to sell and integrate Yaskawa Motoman Workcells. These workcells can be fitted with a single or multiple robots and come already assembled, ready for use.

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RobotWorx offers a wide assortment of Motoman workcells to include their welding ArcWorld systems. Each ArcWorld workcell comes pre-engineered and ready to weld as soon as it is installed. Motoman turnkey workcells have various sizing, configuration and positioner options to properly hold and manipulate your part securely, providing higher quality welds at faster speeds.

Also, our RW Workcells are compatible with Yaskawa Motoman robots. Customization options are available to provide the best Motoman robot solution for your product line.

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