Fanuc Robot Parts A06B-0235-B605

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*RPL ALPHA 8/4000IS TAP BRK - new p/n XGMF-16396

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  • Part Num­ber: A06B-0235-B605
  • Descrip­tion: AC SER­VO MOTOR MDL AiS8/​4000, TPR, 90v BRK, a64ia
  • Prod­uct Series: A06B-0235
  • Avail­abil­i­ty: Avail­able, call for lead time
  • Core Exchange: Optional
  • Repair: Yes

FANUC A06B-0235-B605 AC Ser­vo Motor

This FANUC A06B-0235-B605 AC Ser­vo Motor Mod­el AiS8/​4000 is a 90v BRK, a64ia motor. As part of the A06B-0235 series of AC Ser­vo Motors, the FANUC A06B-0235-B605 motor is nor­mal­ly fit­ted for small or medi­um size CNC machine tools. The FANUC A06B0235B605 AC Ser­vo Motor spec­i­fi­ca­tions include a max­i­mum TRQ of 12Nm and a max 4000 RPM. The 7 amp, 3 phase FANUC A06B-0235-B605 AC Ser­vo Motor pow­ers at 230V at 200Hz.

FANUC A06B-0235-B605 Repair and Buy­ing Options

If your cur­rent FANUC A06B-0235-B605 AC Ser­vo Motor needs to be repaired, please review our FANUC repair pol­i­cy or request a quote with our online form. Check the above details for the avail­abil­i­ty of new or refur­bished FANUC A06B0235B605 Motors. Be sure to check out TIE’s Core Cred­it Exchange Pro­gram”, which is avail­able for many of the FANUC parts in our online store. Browse our list­ings today for FANUC Motors, FANUC Encoders, and more.