Diagnosis & Repair


If your unit is down or you are noticing initial signs of an issue occurring with your equipment, utilize our 27 years of experience to get your system back on track.

Being aware of abnormal robot function can save you from major costs due to downtime, part quality reduction, or extensive repair expenses. can perform a mechanical diagnosis and repair your robot to keep it operating at its full potential. We have hundreds of thousands of parts available so wait time for repairs is minimal.

If your robot has completely stopped running, contact us immediately!

Our mechanical diagnosis and repair services are not limited to only robots purchased from We can support any Fanuc, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB or KUKA robot, no matter where you originally purchased it from.

Common Symptoms Of A Robot Needing Attention:

  • Abnormal noise
  • Abnormal vibration
  • Low oil in oil glass sights
  • Oil seepage
  • Grease seepage
  • Jerky motion
  • Play in any axis
  • Reduced accuracy

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