Motoman Workcells

Motoman ArcWorld 200 Workcell

Motoman ArcWorld 200 Workcell

The Yaskawa Motoman ArcWorld 200 workcell is a pre-engineered welding robotic cell with two fixed table stations. There isa divider between the two tables so an operator can load and unload a part on one side, while a part is being welded on the other.

The Motoman ArcWorld 200 can handle parts up to 1,180 m x 625 m in size and up to 550 kg.

The ArcWorld 200 arrives pre-assembled with a common base for fast and easy setup and relocation, when necessary.

Other key components include: MA-series "Master Arc" welding robot; DX-series robot controller with menu-driven arc-welding application software; Integrated welding package from your choice of top suppliers; Two stationary workstations; and Total safety environment: walls, curtains, quick-cycle electric doors.

It is easy to see why the ArcWorld 200 is the perfect choice for applications that desire an affordable wire to weld for small to medium parts produced at small to medium volumes. You won’t be disappointed with the overall increased speed, safety, and quality this brings to you on the production line.

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