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Mig Welding Robots

MIG Welding Robots: Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GTAW), is a commonly used, high deposition rate process that involves feeding a wire continuously toward the heated weld tip. It is considered a semi-automatic welding process.  Industrial robots can be used to automate the MIG welding process

MIG welding robots are capable of all-position, adding flexibility to the welding system.  MIG welding provides a faster process than other forms of welding, especially when robots are incorporated.  

MIG welding is one of the most popular forms of welding in industrial applications and is an easy process to integrate to a robot system.

Safety from dangerous fumes, higher quality welds and more efficient processes are just some of the advantages that companies see following MIG welding automation



Additional Mig Welding Information

MIG welding automation benefits companies by improving their ROI (return on investment) and increasing their welding repeatability.

RobotWorx integrates new and refurbished MIG welding robots from MotomanFanuc abd KUKA. We customize every MIG welding system to fit customer specifications. Our systems are available for very affordable prices - sometimes nearly 50% less. RobotWorx provides many benefits, including customer training at our facility, phone support for the life of the system, and warranties that provide complete parts and service coverage.

RobotWorx can build a customized MIG welding solution that will increase productivity, throughput, and revenue. Contact our sales department at 740-251-4312 for more MIG welding information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mig Welding

Mig Welding Movies

Motoman ArcWorld 6200

RW 1050 with Fanuc ArcMate 100iC/6L Robot

Motoman ArcWorld 6200 Workcell with Two EA1400N Arc Welding Robot Arms

Motoman EA1900N

Panasonic VR-006 Welding Robot Arm Inside an RW1000 Workcell

RW900 with Motoman MA1400

Benefits of Mig Welding

Reducetion of Production Costs

Reducetion of Production Costs

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

Better Return On Investment (ROI)

Reducetion of Production Costs

Reducetion of Production Costs

Faster Cycle Rates

Faster Cycle Rates

Consistent Quality Welds

Consistent Quality Welds


Project Summary:
When a fabrication company needed an affordable, complete welding system with the flexibility to switch between TIG and MIG applications, RobotWorx integrated the RW1050 to suit.

Application Goals:

  • Top Welding Quality: The robot, peripherals, and overall system construction were designed to perform tig and mig welding. Weldments must be effective, accurate, and quick.

  • Flexibility: Customer required tig/mig interchangeability. A system with a compact footprint was also important. The RW1050 is space-efficient and self-contained within a steel framework. Forklift pockets in the common base allow for easy moving.

  • Work Envelope: The chosen robot had to fit specific work envelope dimensions to fit with application/part needs.

  • Safety: Robotic welding system solution had to be completely protected and in keeping with current safety standards. Workers and equipment must be safeguarded properly.

  • Productivity: Workcell must provide quick cycles and significant throughput. The dual-sided, 180 degree turntable increases productivity as parts can be welded on one side while parts are loaded on the other.

  • Affordability: Customer needed the system to remain at a specific price point.

RobotWorx Solution:

  • RobotWorx RW1050: Turnkey workcell is fully equipped for plug and play installation. The entire system is contained within a steel enclosure. Dual steel mesh doors with arc glare protection and a 60" diameter, 180 degree indexing positioning table with a central partition keep workers protected from welding hazards. The system comes with light curtains, dual electronic door interlocks, and built-in forklift pockets.

  • Panasonic VR-032GII: RobotWorx' solution features a reconditioned VR-032GII robot. This 6-axis articulated robot offers a 1711mm horizontal reach with a 16kg payload capability.  

  • Panasonic G2 Controller and Teach Pendant: Stay in control with the advanced Panasonic GII controller. It can control up to 27 axes, including as many as three robots. The user-friendly G2 teach pendant is in color.
  • Panasonic HMII-500: The system is equipped with the Panasonic 500 amp pulsing power source. A Tweco 600 amp air cooled welding torch, safety holder, wire feeder, spool holder, backliner, and gas hose.

  • Torch Cleaning Station: RobotWorx integrated a complete torch cleaning station into the system with a reconditioned Tregaskiss reamer with wire clip, anti-spatter, and stand.

  • Support: RobotWorx supplied one full day of free programming training. All RobotWorx robot systems come with a complete warranty good for one year past the ship date.