The Benefits of Switching from Manual Welding to MIG Welding Robots

Switching from manual welding to automation with MIG Welding robots will not be a disappointment. MIG welding robots increase a production lines versatility as it can weld different pieces depending on its EOAT. Manufacturers can save money on equipment and help to streamline their production processes by automating with robotic MIG welders.

The Benefits of Switching from Manual Welding to MIG Welding Robots


Metal Inert Gas Welding, also known as MIG welding, is a form of welding that produces an electric arc that travels from a consumable wire electrode to two work pieces, and the heat from the arc causes the work pieces to melt together. Over the last 20+ years, manufacturers have been making the switch from manual MIG welding to robotic MIG welding because of all of the benefits that it provides.

One of the reasons that MIG welding robots have become so popular is because of how easy they are to integrate into an existing production line. Unlike some applications that have to be completely redesigned for a robot, the MIG welding process allows manufacturers to switch from a human welder to a robotic welder with relative ease and minimal line interruption.

Robotic MIG welders are also attractive to manufacturers because of their versatility, something that isn’t often found in manual systems. A MIG robot welder, with the right dress package, can weld work pieces, or it can be repurposed to perform material handling and material removal applications. This type of versatility means that manufacturers can save money on equipment, as well as streamline their production process.

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