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FANUC M-900iA/350
FANUC M-900iA/350
Reach: 0mm
Payload: 350kg

FANUC ArcMate 100iB RJ3iB
FANUC ArcMate 100iB RJ3iB
Reach: 1373mm
Payload: 6kg

Motoman HP20D DX100
Motoman HP20D DX100
Reach: 1717mm
Payload: 20kg

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RobotWorx Weekly Specials
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Are end effectors included in the robot integration package?
End Effector
End-effectors are attached to the end of the robot arm and are the part of the robotic system that actually interacts with parts and materials. Robotic end effectors perform multiple applications.
A variety of robotic end effectors exist, each suited for a specific task. Some examples include grippers, welding guns, vacuum pumps, blowtorches, and drills.
End effectors are also known as:
Robotic tool changers allow robots to switch end effectors and provide more flexibility. A robot tool changer attaches different working tools required for different operations to the end of the robot's arm. A robotic tool changer consists of two parts: the master side and tool side. These parts automatically lock together and allow pneumatic supply, electrical signals, and water to pass through.
RobotWorx is committed to finding the right end effector solution for your project. We can attach EOAT to any robotic system. We offer new and refurbished FANUC, Motoman, and other robots. To speak with an expert about automating your application contact the RobotWorx technical support staff at 740-251-4312 for more information about robot end effectors.



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