Electron Beam Welding (EBW) is a fusion welding process that joins two materials by using a beam of high-velocity electrons. The electrons produce kinetic energy that is transformed into heat upon impact, melting the work pieces and connecting them with a fusion weld.

Electron beam welding robots have a narrow weld zone which allows for a highly controlled weld. These robots offer customers with a low distortion level solution for welding issues.

Robotic electron beam welding can be done under high, medium, or non-vacuum conditions. However, high vacuum welding will provide maximum purity and high depth-to-width ratio welds.

There are several new and refurbished robot models available that can perform electron beam welding. Our reconditioned robot models will save initial investment costs, while also providing the same quality finished product. All robots purchased at RobotWorx come with the our Value Package, full of additional benefits.

RobotWorx provides customers with reconditioned and brand new electron beam welding solutions. We work with every company to formulate a customized system to fit their specific needs. Our electron beam workcells are equipped with safety systems, end of arm tooling, robot and control cabinets.

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