Joining Dissimilar Metals with Electron Beam Welding Robots

The industrial robotic world has realized the benefits of bringing their strength, adaptability, and versatility to the welding world. Robots have been welding for many years, helping to weld two dissimilar metal work pieces together with ease. Electron beam welding robots are perfect for this job.

Joining Dissimilar Metals with Electron Beam Welding Robots

Welding Robots

Welding is one of the most common applications in the industrial world of metal working. While robots have been welding for many years, many applications have the same problem – they can’t weld metals that have vastly different properties. That is where electron beam welding robots come into play. These robots are able to easily weld two dissimilar metal work pieces together, while also bringing to the table the same advantages that manufacturers gain from other welding robot applications.

Electron beam welding robotic systems do not melt both of the pieces of metal in the joint. Instead, they will melt the metal with the lower melting point, and then use that weld pool to join the two pieces of metal together. Of course, this kind of welding is not without its problems. The material will shrink after being welded with a robotic electron beam welder, which can cause the material to crack at the weld point, causing issues for the product. Manufacturers should take this into consideration when deciding which welding application to use for their products.

Overall, electron beam welding robots are able to perform similar to other welding robots. These robots complete the electron beam weld process faster than a manual application, and they have the ability to focus heat at a precise point, which improves the accuracy of the welding process.

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