Plasma Welding Robots

A plasma welding robot can increase quality, while saving time and money by automating a more complex welding process.

Robotic plasma arc welding (PAW), closely related to TIG welding, constricts ionized gas through a copper nozzle. This produces higher temperatures and velocities, creating a smaller cross-section of the weld.  Plasma welding commonly uses the same non-consumable tungsten, just like in TIG welding.

Plasma welding robots allow more flexibility with easy adjustments to the velocity and temperatures at which the weld is formed. 

RobotWorx is a certified plasma welding robot integrator. We offer new or refurbished PAW robots from many brands such as Motoman, FANUC, KUKA and ABB.  Each robot includes a full warranty, training and customer support. Our robots are found throughout Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Save you up to 50% off on plasma welding robots. With quality workmanship and design, they are affordable and a great way to automate plasma welding processes. Contactthe RobotWorx sales department at740-251-4312.

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