Focusing the weld with Plasma Welding

Aug 12, 2014

​Robotic welding can tackle a wide range of applications such as plasma welding, arc welding, and TIG welding. Plasma welding robots are able to produce precise and highly focused welds. It does this by using a tungsten electrode and focuses the shielding gas with a copper nozzle.

Welding industrial robots

Robot­ic weld­ing has been around for many years, and in the past two decades has gained in pop­u­lar­i­ty because of its abil­i­ty to improve the speed and accu­ra­cy of the weld­ing process. Plas­ma weld­ing, one form of arc weld­ing, is eas­i­ly auto­mat­ed with robots and is often the choice when man­u­fac­tur­ers need high­ly focused, tight welds for their products.

Plas­ma weld­ing uses a tung­sten elec­trode, much like TIG weld­ing, and it focus­es the shield­ing gas with a cop­per noz­zle that allows the gas and elec­tric arc to cre­ate plas­ma dur­ing the weld­ing process. Because of the tight noz­zle that is used by robot­ic plas­ma welders, the focus of the weld is much tighter than it would be for any oth­er arc welder. This tight weld also allows a robot plas­ma welder to weld big­ger pieces, some as much as 12 mm thick, some­thing that sim­i­lar weld­ing appli­ca­tion are not capa­ble of doing.

Robot­ic plas­ma welders also do not use up as much tung­sten as their coun­ter­parts, accord­ing to Fro​nius​.com. Because the elec­trode is in the noz­zle, it does not have direct con­tact with the work piece, which is what usu­al­ly wears down the elec­trode. By not using as much tung­sten wire, the man­u­fac­tur­er can save mon­ey with a plas­ma weld­ing robot that they may not be able to save with oth­er types of arc welding.

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