A better robot arm for the future of manufacturing

Robot arms enhance the manufacturing production by bringing faster speeds, increased accuracy, and lower production and labor costs. Industrial robot arms are also seen and used in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, construction, and electronics. ​

A better robot arm for the future of manufacturing


When thinking about industrial robot arms, look at your own arm. What can it do? It can bend. It (with the aid of the hand) can grasp things. It can lift things. It can move things. The processes performed by industrial robot arms are not that different, though they may be more efficient.

There are several industries that use industrial robot arms, including the automotive, aerospace, electronics, food and beverage, construction and electronics industries. These industries have realized what several smaller, newer industries are now finding out – using industrial robotic arms for manufacturing enhances production.

No matter which way you slice it, a human arm may be similar to a robotic industrial arm in movement, but it cannot match the strength and accuracy of a robotic arm. When looking to streamline their processes, manufacturers are turning to robotic systems to lower their production and labor costs.

The industrial robotic arm has several advantages for the manufacturer. Once a robotic arm is integrated into a production line, the production speed will increase as the robot reduces the cycle time between each work piece.

Also, the quality of the product begins to improve because of the robot’s ability to accurately sand down edges, produce straighter welds or drill precise holes. This just continually improves the product over time, while also improving the integrity of the brand.

Robot industrial arms also decrease work-related injuries and accidents. With these robots in place, along with their necessary safety packages, workers are kept clear of hazardous environments, toxic fumes and tedious, sometimes injury-inducing work. These same workers also gain a new skill set when learning how to program these user-friendly industrial robotic arms.

All these benefits continue to grow as robots continue to improve and enhance over time. Manufacturing caught the robotics bug, and they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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