A Big Output with a Little Footprint – the ABB IRB 2600id

The ABB IRB 2600ID robot is a perfect solution for bringing a smaller package with a big output to your production line.​ The IRB 2600ID has a smaller footprint to help save your floor space, but it can improve cost savings dramatically, bringing a very fast ROI. The ABB IRB 2600ID can also significantly reduce cycle times and require less maintenance as the cables and hoses are all firmly secured, reducing the overall wear and tear.

A Big Output with a Little Footprint – the ABB IRB 2600id


When you want to get more out of a robot, you can always count on ABB Robotics to provide you with exactly what you are looking for. The ABB IRB2600iD is a perfect example of something with a smaller package that has a bigger output than anyone could expect. This robot not only has a smaller footprint to save work space, but it also has an integrated dress package that will improve cost savings far beyond the return on investment.

The ABB IRB 2600iD has significantly reduced cycle times over manual labor applications or even some similar robot models, while also having an increased reliability. The speed of the IRB 2600ID allow for 50 percent higher output during production. According to ABB, the cables and hoses of the ABB IRB 2600 iD are firmly secured to the robot and integrated inside, which allows for faster, more reliable programming. Also, because there is less swing to the cables when the robot is in motion, it is able to achieve even faster acceleration speeds when it is in operation.

As mentioned above, the integrated dress package that is included with the ABB IRB 2600ID improves the savings for the manufacturers over the lifetime of owning the robot. Because the hoses and cables are secured inside the robot, they are protected during operation, which means they have less of an ability to snag and get worn. This means that maintenance costs over the life of the robot will decrease.

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