A Little about Servo Amplifiers

Using servo amplifiers helps to improve the robot's overall functionality. Servo amps help to improve a robots speed, accuracy, and overall product quality. These amplifiers are able to pass on feedback to the motor and the command control. RobotWorx offers a wide range of new and used robots and parts, so contact experts today to get started automating!

A Little about Servo Amplifiers


Servo amplifiers, or servo amps for short, are drives that are used to power electronic servomechanisms, such as servo motors. A servo amp transfers signals from the command module of the robot, and translates them for the servo motor, so the motor knows how much it should move at any given time. By using servo amplifiers, servo motors are able to perform more consistently, meaning that the path trajectory and overall motion of the robot is more smooth and consistent during its application cycles.

There are several advantages to using servo amplifiers and their subsequent motors for a robotics system, as opposed to using traditional AC or DC motors. The main advantage is the feedback that these amplifiers are able to pass on to the motor and the command control. Because there is feedback, operators are able to watch for possible motion issues and any unwanted motion.

With these types of servomechanisms in use, a robot’s overall functionality is greatly improved. By improving the overall motion of the robot, a servo amplifier is also contributing to the operation of the robot as a whole. The speed and the accuracy improves, and that enhancement also translates to the quality of the product the robot is helping to produce.

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