A new robotic suite for applications and maintenance

New technologies are constantly being created to produce a better application and maintenance environment. One robotics company, Staubli Robotics, created a software platform that is directly linked to the robot and controller and offers many software options.

A new robotic suite for applications and maintenance


Technology is constantly moving and changing – it never stands still for very long. That being said, robotic software and technology is also constantly changing. One robotics company has come up with a new software platform that will be very helpful in future applications.

According to an article from RobotXworld, Staubli Robotics has developed a 2013 software suite that will include two platforms, a Development Studio and a Maintenance Studio. These programs will be directly linked to the robot and controller.

The Development Studio is a place for manufacturers to develop robotics applications, as well as the development of 3D simulations. The article stated that this platform includes a file transfer between the computer used for development and the robot’s controller, the backups, the 3D robotic arm scenes, along with other programs.

The Maintenance Studio is designed for just that – maintenance. The program gives maintenance personnel the ability to perform diagnostics on the system. The article stated that this software offers full remote access to the controller, as well as giving 3D visualization of the robot system.

This software was designed by Staubli because of the increasing needs of manufacturing companies to develop new solutions and new applications for their ever-changing product lines.

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