ABB Changing The World Through Automation, One Robot At A Time

ABB devotes a lot of their time and energy to the research and development of industrial robot technology. As technology continues to advance, ABB's hope is to change the world as they progress towards automating the future.

ABB Changing The World Through Automation, One Robot At A Time


ABB devotes more than $1 billion to research and development activities to stay at the cutting edge of technology. ABB’s automation continues to change the world as we progress toward the future.

ABB’s automation solutions have impacted huge industrial companies, including: Nestle, IKEA, Apple, Dell, HP, Johnson & Johnson.

ABB developed the world’s first electrically powered industrial robot, and the impact robots now have on manufacturing processes and industrial productivity has been revolutionary. Manufacturers have benefited greatly from robots’ abilities to perform repetitive tasks at high speed and efficiency, while employees’ working conditions have been radically improved. ABB’s robots increase industry output and product quality while decreasing operating costs, downtime, and manpower.

ABB robots have an impact on our daily lives. These robots manufacture the cars we drive. They pick, package, and palletize the food and beverages we consume on a daily basis. They sand, finish, paint, and package the furniture in our homes. They weld, grind, and polish our computers and cell phones. They pick, package, and palletize the medications we use when we are sick.

ABB is also the global leader of process automation systems. ABB launched its Extended Automation System 800xA in 2004 to extend the reach of distributed control systems into a new dimension. System 800xA can access, manage, and redeploy data throughout a system. It provides a single environment for a plant’s entire operations. It can also link the systems of plants at different sites into an integrated entity.

Within the past five years, System 800xA has evolved into an automation platform that addresses an industry’s need to improve productivity. The oil and gas industries use System 800xA HI, focusing on safety and process control in a single system. For pharmaceuticals, the PAT solution ensures that products are consistently safe and qualified.

ABB’s automated solutions also monitor, control, operate, and protect the world’s power systems. In real time, electric utilities and system operators can manage their transmission grids, distribution networks, power plants, and energy trading markets. They collect, transmit, store, and analyze data from data points over large geographic areas. They are crucial to any smart grid solution in the future.

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