ABB IRB 1200 Series Robots

The ABB IRB robot series offers users small, compact robots that bring 10% faster speeds than other robots in its class. The IRB 1200 robots help to answer material handling and machine tending needs. The ABB 1200 series offers users more flexibility, shortened cycle times, and they are all easy to use.

ABB IRB 1200 Series Robots


Robots come in many different shapes and sizes. Some need to be really big to handle large payloads or parts. This is not the case for the ABB IRB 1200 series family of robots. The 1200 series from ABB is a family of small robots that are 15 percent smaller and 10 percent faster than other robots in its class.

The IRB 1200 robots are ABB’s answer to the needs of modern material handling and machine tending applications, according to ABB. The ABB 1200 series is more flexible. It is also easier to use, and has the benefits of shortened cycle times and a smaller stature than other robots, while also maintaining a larger work envelope.

Along with all of these benefits, the ABB IRB 1200 series of robots also have a functional form factor that is different from its competitors. ABB stated that the 1200 series offers smooth surfaces that make it easily to keep clean and maintain, making it a perfect fit for electronics manufacturing or food industry applications. This robot series has an efficient design that allows it work in a wide range of production areas.

Basically, with the ABB IRB 1200 robotic series, you are getting the power of ABB in a smaller package – you can do more with less.

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