ABB's OmniCore Controller

ABB's OmniCore Controller is ready to handle the toughest of challenges while improving the performance and reliability of your factory floor. It will help provide class-leading path accuracy, high speeds, expert precision, and fast cycle times to your production line. Furthermore, this controller family has the software solutions necessary to turn industrial robots into collaborative robots.

ABB's OmniCore Controller

As consumer expectations continue to rise, ABB is bringing new and improved ways to help manufacturers keep their automation systems in-line with the factory of the future. This is especially seen with their newly announced OmniCore Controllers, built to tackle the toughest challenges and further improve the performance and reliability of single robots or entire fleets. This family of controllers will support the 24/7 operation needs where time to market, high throughput, and yield are imperative to stay competitive.

ABB OmniCore Robot Controller

Unlock the Full Potential

The OmniCore controllers will help unlock the full potential of the digital and connected factory where agility is key for this new era of manufacturing. They offer the broadest motion control options and increased tailored solutions for the connected Factory of the Future. The impressive range of controllers in the OmniCore family are built on the heritage of the IRC5, where ABB’s class leading path accuracy, high speeds, expert precision, and fast cycle times are the norm. It will also ensure convenient connectivity and digitalization, improved interfaces, and a greatly simplified user experience.

Increase Floor Space Utilization

This new ABB robot controller line offers a 50% reduction in size without any compromise to performance. This helps increase floor space utilization and maximize installation flexibility. It continues to bring same big results with the same best-in-class motion control, superior precisions, short cycle times, and fast speeds.

There is also a wide array of mounting possibilities available to provide highest flexibility in production layout (tabletop, rackmount, and vertical mount).

Versatile and Expandable

ABB’s OmniCore is also versatile and expandable as it is equipped with different offerings such as fieldbus protocols, vision solutions, and force control.

Shorter and faster product cycles mean that people need to work closer and more sporadically with production processes. Shutting down a robot each time a person gets near is not productive. ABB’s new controller is well prepared for this with SafeMove 2, a software solution that turns industrial robots into collaborative robots, keeping people safe and robots productive.

Also built into the new controller are ABB Ability digital platform, ABB Ability Connected Services, and RobotWare 7, the most powerful and intuitive operating system. RobotWare 7’s features and functions make the robots more capable than ever.

ABB Omnicore Teach Pendant

Intuitive FlexPendant

The interface for the controllers is a modern, powerful, and intuitive FlexPendant that has extensive customization possibilities. It is an ergonomically designed large multi-touch display with standard gestures such as pinch, swipe, and tap. It also is hot swappable to help accelerate robot deployment and maintenance; you can unplug during operation and share it among several robots.

It is an exciting time in industrial robot manufacturing with great challenges and opportunities that we have never had before. ABB’s robots and controllers are going to change the way we look at manufacturing. They excel at creating products that conduct tasks in a highly efficient manner, delivering unsurpassed flexibility, connectivity, and performance capabilities. This controller family is currently designed to support the new small robots, including YuMi. The other ABB robots compatibility will be rolled out gradually.

If you are interested in learning more about the OmniCore controllers, contact RobotWorx experts today. We take pride in our customer service and ability to find the perfect solution for people’s exact needs. RobotWorx representatives can be reached online or at 877-762-6881.

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