AccuFast II Tackles Seams Quickly and with Quality

Motoman provides users with add-on features to help enhance the seam finding for their automated welding line. AccuFast II offers improved sensor capabilities that provide even higher amounts of reliability. It provides more readings for a wider range of materials and angles not formerly feasible.

AccuFast II Tackles Seams Quickly and with Quality

Yaskawa Motoman offers a variety of seam finding tools to locate seams fast and accurately as seen with AccuFast II. Parts aren’t always presented in a consistent location, making it difficult to find the weld seam. Seam finding tools will easily locate the upper and lower parts and adjust as they shift. Locating the upper walls or lower parts with a seam finding tool helps to determine the optimal location of the weld seam.

Yaskawa Motoman AccuFast II welding seam finder

AccuFast II

AccuFast II is a compact, add-on feature that is mounted in-line with the welding torch for any Motoman welding robot. It is compatible with Motoman’s industry-leading MA- and VA-series thru-arm robots, as well as standard 6-axis robots. AccuFast II is sure to improve your weld quality and reduce cycle times by bringing the following great features.

Improved Sensor

AccuFast II brings improved sensor capabilities that provide even higher amounts of reliability. It provides more readings for a wider range of materials and angles not formerly feasible. It also has repeatable feedback to the robot controller regarding part position. These features bring increased performance to the production line. When the focal point is reached, the point laser provides input to the robot.

Reduced Cycle Time

The cycle time is reduced because there is no more need to cut the wire between welds while also being able to search at faster speeds as there is no more weld wire to bend.

Point Laser

AccuFast II uses a point laser that searches and detects the work surface when the laser reaches its programmed focal point. It is similar to touch sensing as the programming utilizes the same macro-jobs, however Accu Fast II is non-contact and significantly faster.

Thinner Parts

Users are provided with the option of AccuFast II for thinner parts and to detect square butt joints with a modest gap. An edge detect macro routine provides gap width measurement. It can also find inside and outside circles and arcs.

High Compatibility

It is compatible with a variety of materials and impervious to ambient lighting and most surfaces (reflective surfaces may decrease performance). Further, AccuFast II has built-in jobs for different joint types. The touch sensing option can be combined with AccuFast II to detect joints that may have optic interference.

Protected Sensor

The sensor is enclosed in a housing with pneumatic shutter door and positive air pressure to protect it form weld spatter and fumes. The laser amplifier is housed in a steel enclosure that is mounted to the upper arm of the robot. Its design allows settings to be made and adjusted without opening the enclosure. The amplifier is protected from the weld environment.

Easy to Retrofit

The Accufast sensor uses the same input and output signals as traditional touch sense making it easy to retrofit into existing robot installations. If necessary, AccuFast II can be combined with ComArc thru-arc seam tracking for contoured parts or long seams that may distort while welding.

Simple Programming

Macro job routines simplify programming by providing a single instruction in the robot job for detecting a seam or feature. Macro job routines are provided to automatically detect three surface locations then calculate the radii and center point offset.

Auto-Teach further helps to make the programming of the sensors easy and accurate as it helps determine the optimal search direction perpendicular to the work surface. It will automatically find the taught part location and the part orientation. The robot will search perpendicular to the joint wall, even if the part is positioned at an angle.

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AccuFast II is sure to bring increased product quality and reliability to your welding line. Contact our experts today with any questions you may have about AccuFast II and how it can be added to your Motoman welding robot. RobotWorx is proud to be a certified integrator for Motoman robotics; representatives can be reached online or at 877-762-6881.

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