Accuracy and Versatility with the Motoman MH12

Bringing users excellent accuracy and versatility, the Motoman MH12 robot is the right choice for the job. It provides users with power, precision, and high speeds for a wide range of applications. The MH-12 can handle up to 12 kg in payload and has a large reach, providing the manufacturer with improved results on the production line.

Accuracy and Versatility with the Motoman MH12


When a manufacturer is searching for the right robot for his shop, they may consider the versatility and accuracy that the robot model is capable of before choosing the right robot for the job. If they are looking for high levels of both traits, they need to look no further than the Motoman MH12, a powerful, high-speed robot that can perform many different applications with pinpoint precision.

The Motoman MH12 can perform a variety of different applications, as mentioned above. These applications include assembly, dispensing, machine tending and packaging, as well as other material handling applications. The MH-12 has an improved payload, 12kg, as well as an increased horizontal and vertical reach, 1400mm and 2511mm, respectively. This is what allows the robot to have the versatility it does, and allows it to perform better for the manufacturer.

On top of the precision and versatility that is offered by the Motoman MH 12, it was also designed with a hollow arm, which allows the cables to be routed inside the robot arm, instead of outside. This means less wear and tear on the cables, and in turn, less money spent on maintenance and upkeep by the manufacturer as the years go by.

So, are you interested in versatile, accurate robot that also cuts down on your maintenance bill? Our staff has access to hundreds of robot models, controllers and other features from Motoman, and they will assist you in building and customizing the right system for your application, facility and budget.

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